Magnetic tools

Magnetic Wristband

Magnetic wristband by HS Magnet is inserted with rare earth magnets, providing wider magnetic area and stronger magnetic strength. Click here to learn more.


Magnetic tool rack HST 03

Contains 2 powerful magnet bars with extruded magnetic rubber lengths, housed between two pole pieces. Neatly secures and holds tools in the garage or workshop and knives in the kitchen.

Telescopic pick-up tool
 HST 02

Powerful neodymium iron boron magnets are used to ensure maximum pull from a small magnetic area. Ideal for retrieving ferrous objects that are out of reach. Pen-sized with clip.

Gauss meter

Battery powered (includes 4 × 1.5 v batteries). Digital hand held Gauss meter for checking magnetic flux. Supplied with 2 probes (Transverse (TX) and Axial (AX)), case, battery. Measurement units: Gauss, Tesla, Oersted, Ampere meters. Measuring range settings: 1: 1 to 3000 Gauss (0.0001 o 0.3 Tesla) Resolution – 1 Gauss Auto: Automatically measures between settings 1 and 2 +/- 15 mT on/off hysteresis