Multi-poles magnetized magnetic materials hs001KG

Multi-poles magnetized magnets:

magnetic hook

According to specification of magnetic hook, the vertical attraction is strong enough for holding force, but the slide attraction is weaker a lot than vertical direction. One of my friend Vishaal in US, he starts his project called Pedal Cell. When we solve the shaft rotating problem, we find poly magnet on internet, HS001KG model is like it, but we are using this type on countersunk magnet for strengthen slide attraction.

HS001KG model application:

HS001KG model allow for incredible control of the magnetic field and are safer than traditional magnets because they can be encoded only to engage at very close proximity to either metal or other magnets.


There is a lot of energy in a conventional magnet that is wasted in product design. The picture below showing the magnetic field lines of conventional magnet illustrates that much of energy is lost through the thin steel target. The picture on the right illustrates how  Multi-poles magnetized magnets are different.