Hs MagSmarters:

Hs magnetics magsmarters are versatile explore and experiment magnetic building education toys, are composed of brightly colored squares, triangles, long triangles, pentagon, hexagon, trapezoid and many kinds of different shapes with strong neodymium magnets.


standard grade: N38, magnetic force is more than 4000 Gauss.

This is the reason why encapsulated neodymium magnets always rotate to their attraction position ensuring the perfect connection and fit every time.

Magsmarters are super-powerful magnetic toys take children and adults alike to a world of limitless imagination and creativity. Children can transfer 2D plane shapes to different 3D geometric structures.

Hs Magtiles:

Magtiles, 32 pcs, 60pcs, 100pcs etc, magnetic construction set, is a new revolution of magnetic educational toy. Each side has a strong magnet to hold the blocks together. Blocks can be rotated and easily connected.

Specification and production process, check the corner of our factory by video below

Materials: ABS+ strong ferrite magnet

32pcs Composition: