Brief History


Company foundation
Original specialization in casting and machining of alnico magnetic materials


Corporate restructuring and new investments / shareholdings
We focus both on domestic and oversea market, our magnetic materials have gone to export USA.Due to customer demand, we began to focus on the exporting to foreign countries


Establishment of Research & Development Department


Establishment of Testing Center with state-of-the-art equipment
Purchase of a number of test instruments and equipment


Founded four sales business unit, sales department of permanent magnet, sales department of magnetic assemblies, sales department of magnetic tools, sales department of motor magnets.


We established a network marketing department, responsible for the company’s e-commerce operation

Integration of the company’s network of sales channels


We improve our quality system and service system.

We offer 24-hour service, improve our overall level of service


We integrate the present and potential resources, and set up our retail B2C department in different countries, start to build the largest Cast alnico materials factory in China.