Hs has been researching and developing magnetic solution for workholding system for many years,  also use our technology in magnetics to give solutions to design for magnetic die clamping, mold clamping and material handling application. Since we are specialized in this field over 10 years, cooperating with many famous company who is doing magnetic workholding system, and magnetic lifting system, magnetic chuck or you call.

Why our magnetic solution is better than other competitor?


1.HS control the machining process in precision, with tolearance +/-0.05, for some application can make it +/-0.02 even;

2. Consistency testing for surface gauss value, magnetic flux, guarantee each magnet inside magnetic chuck with standard Br, Hcj, Hcb, BH max etc;

3. Chamfering  R 0.5 45 miter, with polish surface treatment in high degree of finish.

(For neodymium materials, will control tolerance less than alnico materials, for more information, please contact us for more supports.)

Who we are cooperating with in this field

Brisc offers rectangular and rotary magnetic chucks for the purpose of grinding, milling and hard turning. Brisc Magnetic chucks are manufactured in permanent, electromagnetic and electropermanent styles.

Magbo is currently the most compreh-ensive answer to the growing require-ment of JIT (just in time), SMED (Single-Minute Exchange of Die) in all advanced manufacturing processes facing smaller batch runs and wider product ranges.

HELMHOLTZ is the ideal solution of handling ferrous loads. It can be used for distribution and storage in the shipbuilders, metal working factories, service centers, surface treatment and all other industries interested in increasing the efficiency of production process.

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