Quality is our corporate culture, we insist taking record and doing final inspection for each production since 2005!

  • Hysteresis Loop –A plot of magnetizing force versus resultant magnetization (also called a B/H curve) of the material as it is successively magnetized to saturation, demagnetized, magnetized in the opposite direction and finally remagnetized. With continued recycles, this plot will be a closed loop which completely describes the characteristics of the magnetic material. The size and shape of this “loop” is important for both hard and soft materials. But with hard materials the “fatter” the loop, the stronger the magnet will be. The first quadrant of the loop (that is +X and +Y) is called the magnetization curve. It is of interest because it shows how much magnetizing force must be applied to saturate a magnet. The second quadrant (+X and -Y) is called the Demagnetization Curve.
  • Hs Magnetics doing final inspection before shipping, working out a Demagnetization curve(B-H,  J-H, M-H) and outgoing inspection report for each customer, with APQP、PPAP、FMEA、MSA、SPC, our quality engineer team will support:
  • Flow chart of complete manufacturing process;
  • Production control plan;
  • Production failure mode and effect analysis;
  • ISO certificate from raw material supplier;
  • Lab and scope accreditation from platter;
  • Cpk analysis of critical dimension, CPK which can be controlled to be greater than 1.33;
  • Gage R&R study on same dim than cpk;
  • Chemical breakdown of plating and materials;
  • Production rate per hour
  • Any plating or other outside services will need to be completed by an ISO certified company with lab accrediatation.

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