magnetic coupling is a coupling that transfers torque from one shaft, but using a magnetic field rather than a physical mechanical connection.

Magnetic shaft couplings are most often used for liquid pumps and propeller systems, since a static, physical barrier can be placed between the two shafts to separate the fluid from the motor operating in air. Magnetic shaft couplings preclude the use of shaft seals, which eventually wear out and fail from the sliding of two surfaces against each another. Magnetic couplings are also used for ease of maintenance on systems that typically require precision alignment, when physical shaft couplings are used, since they allow a greater off axis error between the motor and driven shaft.

Hs specialize in researching and manufacturing magnetic spare parts and coupling magnet for many kinds of magnetic coupling, cooperating with several famous Chinese coupling manufacturer with mangetic transmission products, domestic university and scientific institution to develop magnetic coupling, magnetic adjustable speed drive, magnetic variable transmission with our strong R&D, materials engineers.

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