Educational magnet: 

Educational magnet are widely used in teaching and playing. Generally speaking, Hard Ferrite or Cast AlNiCo will be used in the Educational magnets, due to lower cost and good property. Many shapes, sizes and colors are available for clients’ choice.

We usually paint them in red or blue, or we combine them with other material such as metal, plastic. In the mean time, with international safe standard and ISO certificates. It is no affection to Children’s health, we exported educational magnet to European countries over 10 years, did CE, RoHS, TS16949 etc, for clearing custom in Europe.

We manufacture Educational magnets based on customers’ requirement.


High energies and relatively strong coercivity.
Excellent ability to withstand extreme temperatures stability.
High working temp: 450-550 degree
Good corrosion resistance.
High mechanical strength


Teaching magnets are widely used in teaching and playing for children.


Widely used in teaching and playing for children
Material: Hard ferrite or cast AlNiCo
Many shapes, sizes and colors are available

More details:

  • Each pack includes two Alnico bar magnets and one resealable packet of iron filings
  • Magnet dimensions are 11mm x 6mm x 75mm
  • North and south poles clearly identified
  • Protective epoxy paint coating
  • 80g of iron filings

The combination of iron filings and a bar magnets is a great way to show the patterns of magnetic fields. Simply place some of the iron filings on a piece of paper and move the magnet underneath the paper to see how the filings react and align to the magnetic field lines. Afterwards, place the filings back inside the resealable packet to use again and again. The iconic bar magnets are small enough to fit in your pocket and each magnet is protected by a red and silver epoxy paint coating. Hs also support OEM as your requirements, please contact our R&D dept via the chart below.

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