Permanent rare earth magnet materials are the largest consumer realm. At present, the mainly permanent rare earth magnet material is neodymium magnets (NdFeB), the component comprises about 30% of praseodymium-neodymium and 2% Dy-Fe. Permanent NdFeB magnet is used widely in wind power, energy-saving appliances, automotive power steering system (EPS), energy saving and environmental protection and other areas of new energy vehicles are widely used. In addition, field of consumer electronics is also applicable to hard disk voice coil motor (VCM), CD-ROM drive, micro motor and so on, as well as electro-acoustic equipment, magnetic separator, electric tools and MRI and other traditional areas. Currently, the NdFeB main contender is the ferrite magnet.

  Chart : Comparison of permanent neodymium magnet and ferrite magnet



Neodymium magnet Ferrite magnet
Price Expencive Cheap
Volume 1x 12x
(Bh)max 295Kj/m3 30Kj/m3
Hcj 1900KA/m 275KA/m
Max. working Temp. 160℃ 250℃
Application wind power, energy-saving appliances, automotive power steering system (EPS) and so on Speaker, electric toy, air conditional

It’s expected to increase demand for permanent NdFeB magnets, because of the development of new energy vehicles. The quantity of permanent neodymium magnet for a new car’s motors is about 3 times than the conventional powered vehicles’.

Permanent NdFeB magnet is mainly used in wind power’s permanent magnet direct-drive motor. Wind power field is a relatively new applications for permanent neodymium magnet, the amount of wind power neodymium motor is relatively large, a 1.5MW direct drive permanent magnet wind generator approximately need 1 ton of NdFeB .

Trade & Market

Main Markets Total Revenue(%)
North America 26.00%
Eastern Asia 20.00%
Mid East 15.00%
Western Europe 14.00%
South America 8.00%
Southeast Asia 7.00%
Africa 5.00%
Domestic Market 4.00%
Oceania 1.00%